The benefits of nitric oxide supplementation in your diet

The benefits of nitric oxide supplementation in your diet

  • 03/28/2017

There are tons of workout supplements on the market. With so many supplements to choose from, and so much information telling you that one supplement or another is the key to enhancing your athletic performance, it can be difficult to determine which supplements you really need.

But if you only take one supplement, it should be a nitric oxide supplement. Nitric oxide has so many benefits for all types of athletes, whether you are a professional or just like to work out in your spare time. Let's go through some of the reasons why nitric oxide supplementation is excellent for enhancing athletic performance.

1. Nitric oxide naturally occurs in the body

Nitric oxide is not a synthetic chemical. It is a molecule that the body naturally produces, because it is essential for maintaining healthy blood flow, as well as other functions. The ADN™ NFX supplement does not actually contain nitric oxide, but rather, contains amino acids which stimulate the body to produce more nitric oxide. This naturally enhances your performance, unlike many supplements which introduce foreign substances into your body. 

2. Nitric oxide prevents muscle exhaustion

Your muscles need a steady supply of oxygen in order to function. When you exercise, your muscles often use up oxygen more quickly than your blood vessels can pump it in. When they don't have sufficient oxygen, the muscle cells have to use an alternative process of converting glucose into energy, and this process produces lactic acid.

As lactic acid builds up in the muscles, the muscles start to slow down. Whenever you get a cramp while working out, that pain is due to a high amount of lactic acid in the muscles. Your muscles can only work for so long without oxygen until lactic acid leads them to complete exhaustion.

Nitric oxide can prevent this problem. Because nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, it increases the amount of oxygen flowing into the muscles during a workout. This means the muscles can work for longer without having produce the lactic acid that exhausts them. 

When you use ADN™ NFX to boost your nitric oxide levels, you will be able to do more challenging exercises for a longer period of time without cramping and muscle fatigue.

3. Nitric oxide can help remove exercise generated ammonia

During exercise, the body naturally generates ammonia. Ammonia is a waste product that results from the process of converting glucose into energy. There is evidence that the production of ammonia may also contribute to exercise fatigue.

Nitric oxide can accelerate the body's natural process for getting rid of ammonia. This is another way in which nitric oxide can delay the feeling of fatigue that eventually comes with an intense workout.

This is not to say that a nitric oxide booster will allow you to exercise forever. But nitric oxide will allow you to exercise for much longer than if you don't take a supplement. You'll be able to set new personal records and increase your muscle strength more with every workout.