Stop Taking Glucosamine Chondroitin Right Now!

Stop Taking Glucosamine Chondroitin Right Now!

  • 03/30/2017

The news has had a hay day with the Rexall settlement, but that's not why you need to stop taking Chondroitin. The real reason you should stop taking it is that science and results are obsolete.  

There is a new kid on the block, Collagen. More specifically undenatured type II collagen. Get MOVE today!

Why is this important? Because collagen is now performing at levels that Chondroitin could never even dream of. 

Collagen works on a completely different level of joint and arthritis care. It uses active immune modulators to reduce secretions of enzymes that break down healthy collagen and cartilage as we age. This means joints stay healthier longer and means more flexibility and mobility. 

This collagen has to shown in research studies to help with osteoporosis in knees and other areas of the joint system.  The results showed significant improvement in joint symptoms. 

Certain undenatured type II collagen have been found to actually regenerate cartilage for comfort and flexibility of the joint. 

Do some research, collagen is next level stuff for aging, high activity levels, workouts, and more. 

The ADN™ Move Formula is a stacked compound of the most innovative new joint care ingredients on the market today. It's like 4 supplements in 1!

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